Construction and Freight Transport

Vehicles in the transport and delivery sectors are exposed to a range of hazards both on the open road and also in more enclosed areas for pick up and delivery. Rearsense supplies a range of safety solutions for trucks in this sector. We can create a tailored solution that works for your particular environment and needs.


Broadband Reversing Alarms
Trucks are often in environments where there are a number of vehicles operating such as Warehouses. There tends to be a lot of noise created by a range of alarms as well as working vehicles. In this situation, Broadband alarms are an ideal solution as they are strongly directional, meaning the people in the most immediate risk area are made aware of the hazard. Also, because the “quack” does not carry as far, it does not create unnecessary noise pollution. This makes these alarms useful for pick ups and deliveries close to residential areas, as well as late night and early morning – times when noise needs to be mitigated.

Reversing Radars
Trucks have significant blind spots, particularly when reversing. Given there are often pedestrians around when goods are picked up or delivered, the hazards are significant. A reversing radar warns the driver with a visual and audible alarm, a more active solution than just a reversing camera.

Reversing Cameras
Rearsense reversing cameras are of the highest quality ensuring that they are reliable and give the best possible view to the driver, regardless of the conditions.

Cameras and Recording units
As well cameras, Rearsense also offers a recording device, allowing the recording of several cameras. It also picks up incidents such as G shock, heavy breaking and speed. This allows accurate reviewing of incidents for the purposes of training and defining the exact cause of the situation. These are normally used in conjunction with a front and reversing camera.

Vehicle Solutions

We offer comprehensive and customisable setups for all kinds of industrial vehicle. Here are some examples of popular fit-outs.

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