Broadband Reversing Alarms

Improving safety and reducing noise pollution

Warn pedestrians and other vehicles of a reversing vehicle. Broadband reversing alarms (also known as Quackers) are designed to do this much more effectively than standard tonal alarms while reducing noise pollution. The key advantages of this product over a standard alarm is:

  • Directional – The person behind the vehicle – the one in most danger – hears it clearly and at volume.
  • Broad Range of Frequencies – People with any type of hearing impairment are more likely to hear it and the source of the alarm is easier to ascertain.
  • Doesn’t Carry – Reducing the noise pollution to those who do not need (or want) to hear it. Several of the products are self adjusting in volume dependent on the ambient noise. This is ideal when you only want as much volume as is required. The most common is a 77- 97 db self adjusting.

These alarms are well established in NZ and are endorsed by NZTA for roading construction projects.

Specs in PDF format