Rearsense was a participant in Worksafe’s Forklift Safety Roadshow 2021. The roadshow toured the country from February to April, aiming to reduce the amount of harm being caused by forklifts nationwide.

Between 2013 and 2020 WorkSafe recorded 11 fatalities involving a forklift. Alongside these fatalities sits an average of 127 injuries.

“It is great to see companies thinking smart about health and safety solutions.” – Worksafe

Rearsense demonstrated our 3 proximity warning systems – designed to alert the forklift operator when they come in close proximity of people on the ground – each suited to different circumstances. We also have a supporting range of warning lights and alarms for integrated fitouts

We can provide a tailored solution to the risks around forklifts and people in your workplace.


Rearsense Sentry Radar: For protection from reversing in uncontrolled situations where you want to detect all people and things • Specs pdf

Rearsense Zonesafe: For 360º protection of pedestrians in controlled environments where there are obstacles restricting visibility of people and machines • Specs pdf

Rearsense KIGIS: For 360º protection in controlled environment of pedestrians and other vehicles where there are obstacles and things restricting visibility • Specs pdf

Rearsense AI Camera and Monitor: For a wide angle 140º view of the rear in environments where there is potential for interaction between forklifts and people • Specs pdf





We also supply a range of products that further warn pedestrians and other vehicles including blue strobe lights, forklift spot lights and the red line hazard zone lights and broadband reversing alarms.