Cameras and Recording Devices

Cameras are another set of eyes for operators – allowing them to make safe decisions every time. Rearsense cameras are built robust for a tough commercial environment. They have been proven over time in New Zealand in roading construction, quarries, concrete trucks and general transport environments. We use the best technology sourced from Korea.

These cameras coupled with our commercial recording units assist management by allowing ongoing recording as well as automatic recording and indexing of incidents.

Our installers ensure all units are incorporated into the vehicle with specifically designed brackets to protect the cameras.

  • Heavy Duty Camera: Specifically designed and tested to work in the extreme weather and work site conditions that heavy duty machines must perform in everyday Specs
  • Extra Heavy Duty Camera: an even more robust solution for demanding environments Specs
  • Digital Wireless System: An adaptable digital wireless camera system ideal for truck and trailer large vehicles Specs
  • Waterproof Camera Driving Video Recorder: A robust 2 or 4 camera DVR solution for heavy commercial use Specs
  • 10″ Waterproof Monitor: A robustly designed monitor suited for commercial vehicles in harsh environments Specs
  • Vehicle Video Recorder: All-in-one vehicle recording solution capturing video in front of and behind the vehicle to ensure an extensive record of events Specs