LED Lights

Be safe, be seen

Give visibility to moving vehicles and indicate type of vehicle using light colour. Our lights are specially designed for use in heavy commercial environments.

Reversing Forklift Light A reliable compact LED visual warning system. Is easy to operate, powerful blue light illuminates anytime the forklift is turned and multi-purpose for indoor and outdoor use. PDF

Lightbars In 2 sizes to suit everything from utes to large mobile plant. Comes in the standard amber as well as green, the green being are more popular option to stand out for key mobile plant. PDF

LED Red Line Light A strong LED light warning system. Easy to install, the bright red line highlights pedestrian hazard zones. Ideal for Forklifts, Loaders etc. PDF

LED Blue Strobe Light This small light is used as a visual for reversing, in conjunction with a reversing alarm. It is becoming increasing popular as it stands out, regardless of the environment and the conditions. 24v. PDF

LED Strobe Light This very compact light is used as a powerful visual warning, combining movement and light. Provides long lasting powerful light with high brightness, regardless of the environment and the conditions. 24v. PDF

LED Site Safety Lights An LED light warning system promoting greater safety by providing other vehicles and pedestrians a strong visual warning of machinery in operation. PDF